Etherial Faery Tale Folk/ Folktronic Fusion
The Copper Children

The Copper Children

Psychedelic Gospel, Soul Folk


Science Fiction

Event Date & Time

1 October 2016 & 2 October 2016
@11.00 am

Event Location

1212 Canyon Boulevard
Boulder, CO 80302, USA

Sea Life's Beauty

We invite divers, activists, makers and hula hoop shakers to come dance for the ocean as we celebrate the 4th annual Green Beer Fest to benefit the Colorado Ocean Coalition, the world’s largest inland water movement. Our homegrown festival is a 2 day creative mashup featuring 16 eclectic local cause based artists and bands; living exhibits interactive demos; and 60+ vendors at the Handmade in Colorado Expo.


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Master of Ceremonies

Bruce Baumann

We are Change Colorado
Part motivational speaker. Part grassroots mobilizer. 100% activist who is all about carrying the world to a better place. Bruce Baumann from We are Change Colorado will serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2016 Green Beer Fest. Well-known in Colorado’s activism and non profit communities, Bruce will be enlightening, engaging and unequivocally passionate in the messages and moments he will share during these 2 days of activism.  



As a grassroots volunteer led event, we have to dig deep inside to compete with larger, more established festivals with bigger operating budgets. In order to accomplish this, we leverage our greatest organizational asset – AWESOME PEOPLE!

Below you’ll find some of the fun things happening this year’s festival, thanks to these cosmic rainbow light filled beings we are blessed to know.

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Live Painting

Visual Artist and acoustic guitarist, Michael Garfield, will be leading a team of mural painters. They will be collectively working on a live painting. He will also be performing a set featuring his Cosmic Americana & Psychedelic futurist music. 

Living Exhibits

Learn to wire a solar panel or pedal some people powered energy into Activist Alley by Solutions Voyage. This dedicated area of hands-on non-profits will operate completely off the grid and open their DIY world of sustainable living.

Handmade in CO Expo

Now in it’s 8th year, the Handmade in Colorado Expo will feature nearly 70 vendors who produce their art, food and/or consumer goods in Colorado. The vendor area will border the side walk perimeter area around the festival grounds.

Kids Area

Rainbow Lightning Youth Village will be managing/monitoring the dedicated play area for kids while allowing their parents the freedom to play in the beer garden. The space will allow kids to play dress up; have their faces painted; or do arts and crafts.


Handmade in Colorado Expo will host approximately 70 artisans, consumer food  & goods vendors. Vendor booths will be lined along the sidewalk perimeter of the festival. Goods and gifts may be purchased on-site and transactions are done directly between you and the vendor.

Handmade in Colorado Expo - 2015

Handmade in Colorado Expo in downtown Boulder, 2015

Green Beer Fest organizers/Pouring Man Productions assumes no liability for any transactions made via the Handmade in Colorado Expo or any festival vendor or musician.


Rules & Safety

The Green Beer Fest is a volunteer run event. After months of planning, meetings, making cold calls and working nights and weekends our team is looking forward to having fun at the event as much as you are!

Activists, divers, makers and hula hoop shakers make up our eclectic, dance happy, free-spirited audience.

To have a great time at the festival we have the following rules in place for your safety and the safety of others:

  • Be cool. Per city permitting, Boulder Marshals will be on-site to help manage security and crowd flow. But after working a CU home game, let’s try not to work them too hard!
  • Beer must stay inside the fenced area. Our fenced area will wrap around the borders of the Bandshell bleachers. If you have a beer (or alcohol) you must consume it inside the fenced area per City of Boulder requirements.
  • Servers have the right to refuse alcohol. If you have gone past the point of cray-cray, our servers have the right to refuse serving you beer. You will not be refunded your money and asked to leave the event. So please consume alcohol responsibly and try to stay cool.
  • Wrist bands are required for all people inside the fenced area who are 21+.
  • No parking or vehicles are permitted on the Bandshell lawn/grass.

Food & Beverages

Food and non alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from select Boulder County licensed food trucks and food vendors. A list of specific vendors and their offerings will be named prior to the date of the festival.

Costume Theme

The GreenBeerFest is an ocean themed creative-casual costume festival.

While costumes are not mandatory we encourage all participants to wear an upcycled or recycled mermaid, Neptune or sea creature themed costume to show their support for our non profit beneficiary, Colorado Ocean Coalition.



The Boulder Bandshell is located in downtown Boulder at the intersection of Broadway and Canyon. Extremely limited meter parking is available on the street. When possible we encourage attendees to ride a bike, take public transportation or commute to the event with friends.

Vendors and musicians please coordinate with your designated crew leader for load-in and load-out instructions.


The GreenBeerFest is a 2 day festival, however, it is not an overnight festival.

Attendees and vendors looking to attend (or work) the festival both days should seek overnight accommodations at a hotel in the surrounding downtown Boulder neighborhood.

Check HotelS

Kids & Family

The GreenBeerFest is a family friendly event. Our dedicated children’s play area is created and managed by Rainbow Lightning. Their adult-monitored tented area will provide crafts, face painting, costumes for dress up and activities for kids (of all ages ;-)).

Rainbow Lightning Youth Village Pricing

Event Admission

The GreenBeerFest is a volunteer run event. There are real costs associated to renting the venue (use of the amphitheater) and securing the required permits and insurance as required by the city. However, being that the event is hosted in a public park, we are not permitted to charge admission fees. Additionally, 100% of our participating bands donate a generous portion of their time and performance rate.

We are able to raise money for our non-profit beneficiary through one of three ways.

  1. The sell of beer cups
  2. Vendor & food booths
  3. Sponsorship

And the bands are able to raise additional funds through direct merchandise sales. NOTE: We do not collect a percentage of sales from the vendor sales or the band’s merchandise sales.

We encourage all event attendees and fans to support our festival by promoting it among your friends and if you are able to, please purchase a beer cup or merchandise.


The historic Boulder Bandshell is a public amphitheater and park conveniently located in downtown Boulder, Colorado. It is bordered by Broadway to the east, Canyon Blvd to the north, 13th street to the east and Arapahoe Ave to the south. It is very close by the CU college campus and is accessible for all mobilities. Follow the bordering sidewalk paths to reach the venue.

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The Green Beer Fest earns revenues from the sell of beer cups. All the cups we sell are bottomless beer cups and proceeds benefit our 501c3 non profit beneficiary Colorado Ocean Coalition. 

Given that this is a charitable event, all cup sales are FINAL. 



1 day brew cup (Valid 10/1)

The ‘Brew Cup’ is a bottomless Colorado craft beer sampler cup. The cup allows you to pay one flat fee to drink between the hours of 12 pm and 9 pm on Saturday, October 1st.

NOTE: Price will increase to $30 at the door. As this is a charity festival, event is held rain or shine and all sales are final.

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1 day brew cup (Valid 10/2)

The 1 day ‘Brew Cup’ is a bottomless Colorado craft beer sampler cup. The cup allows you to pay one flat fee to drink between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm on Sunday, October 2nd.

Note: Price will increase to $30 at the door. As this is a charity festival, event is held rain or shine and all sales are final.

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VIP Everything Cup

The VIP Everything Cup offers unlimited craft beer samplers, spirits and snacks and is only valid for Saturday, October 1, 2016. Our 2015 snacks included Oogies Gourmet Popcorn, The Good Pickle gourmet pickles, Twisted Cream alcohol infused ice cream, Beau Jo’s Pizza, Snarf’s sandwiches, Colorado Sun’Shine whiskey samplers and Xing Tea Vodka mixers. The 2016 snack selection will be a similar offering with new vendors.

To provide an optimal VIP experience, there will be a limit of 150 cups sold.

NOTE: Price will increase to $50 at the door. As this is a charity festival, event is held rain or shine and all sales are final.

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About us

The Green Beer Fest is where the mountains meet the ocean. The festival is co-produced by a coalition of activists, artists, musicians and non-profits dedicated to making the world a better place by protecting and advocating for its greatest natural resource – WATER! We celebrate water in all its essential and fun uses from farming to brewing and outdoor adventure.  The Green Beer Fest was inspired in 2013 by Pouring Man Productions and has been made real, with love and support from: Musical Activist Alliance (Music Curators); Activist Alley by Solutions Voyage; Children’s Village by Rainbow Lightning; and Handmade in Colorado Expo.

ALL to benefit the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO)

Visit COCO Website


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