Sea Life Costume Themed Event

Happy World Ocean Day!

Did you know that regardless of where you live in the world, 3 out of 4 breaths you take comes from the ocean. We are indeed an ocean planet. That is among the many reasons we have chosen Colorado Ocean Coalition as our dedicated non-profit beneficiary.

This year for the first time in our festival history, we have selected an ocean based theme to further show our attendees support for our non-profit beneficiary Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO). Second to only Florida with number of certified scuba divers per capita, Colorado has a very strong knit scuba dive community.

Since 2012, COCO has grown to 5,000+ members strong with a large percentage being divers and dive shops. They are also behind the initiative Blue the Dive which works to promote a sustainable environment for scuba divers around the globe. This initiative was co-founded by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association, Colorado Ocean Coalition and Ocean First Institute.

To honor their ocean based advocacy on behalf of all Colorado scuba divers, boaters, kayakers, stand up paddle boarders and other water lovers, we have chosen Sea Life’s Beauty as our theme.

We’re encouraging all attendees (if they wish) to dress up in a recycled costume as a Mermaid, Neptune (King of the Sea) or other ocean creature (real or fictional).

We look forward to seeing everybody’s custom creative casual costumes!